Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pictures for custom

From top left: green stripe, green transportation, blue transportation, barnyard (at end but covers both rows bc long)
Bottom row left: blue camo, yellow stripe, wild animals lt blue (all flannel prints)

Top row left to right:Wild animals dark blue, dragonflies blue, crabs
Bottom row left to right: abc, dark blue bugs, cookies (all flannel prints)

Top row left to right: green firetrucks, lt blue whales, tan barnyard, white bugs, aliens(all flannel prints)

Top left to right: Blue barnyard, african animals, white dogs, bacon eggs
Bottom row left to right: blue trains, starfish, lizards on green (all flannel prints)

This is my knit picture, all the rest of the pictures are flannel. This one has both boy and girl prints, will list from top left and go to right then next row down etc to last one. Not all are avail anymore and this will be noted
Spiders, orange stripe, purple flower, stretch terry baby bottles, blue bubbles, pink strawberries, aliens (not avail), (2nd row) airplanes, construction, horses (not avail), rodeo, blue construction, flowers, purple stripe, tiny trains (not sure if enough, will have to check so pick alternate please if this is the one you love!), (3rd row) spiders again, later gator, green turtles and flowers, robots, army trucks on blue.

This post is for a lady who is custom ordering a diaper and I was having trouble attaching pictures in email so she could choose. Please feel free to email me if anyone else needs a custom from these or other items! Click on the pictures to enlarge.

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Scarlett said...

I love the the blue wild animals- they are my favorite!! So cute!! I also like the cookies, the tan barnyard, African safari animals, white dogs, the airplanes, the later gator, and the army trucks on blue.

If you make more diapers or clothes from Nika while you have these prints, I have to say these are my favorites. They are so cute. If you need me to help pay for them or go to Joann's and buy print flannel or knit, please let me know.

By the way, I found the other diapers you mentioned at Christmas. I forgot to bring them because they were already in Nika's diaper drawer and the others were in the laundry to be preshrunk. No wonder I forgot...

We bought a couple of so cute outfits for Nika that were wicked cheap- just some newborn things. I am going to get some material from Joann's next paycheck and try my hand at making some things.

Thank you again for his robot outfit- that looks pretty small- do you remember if it was newborn? I could not remember and if it is, I'm going to put it with his newborn things. I am trying to get organized to keep his things together by sizes.

Love you!!!