Saturday, January 24, 2009


Nathalie needs clothes. I thought I made her enough but she loves dirt, mud, water, snow, paint, washing babies in the sink, she makes bread, she makes soup, she does laundry. All of these things and many others please her endlessly and are not things I object to, matter of fact I support them. Thus, we end up with not enough clothes by laundry day and her change of build (just this yr) to so much more girly, prevents her from wearing Tads clothes. They are same size, but just dif build now. He is a boys boy, and she is girly and curvy. So she asked for a "pretty skirt." She picked the fabric and said, full and twirly and below knees, just below. So here we go. Curved front and back yokes, 36 inchs before elastic is added. Then the pleated skirt attached to this yoke, is, here we go, 90 INCHES OF FABRIC IN 20 PLEATS!!! It was 45 " wide corduroy and I used 2 lengths of it. Front and back are the same. The pleat pinning to make them accurate side to side and front to back took about 45 min but the skirt otherwise was fast. I thought the hem would never end! I serge the bottom to make it look professional when wrong side out, then I turned it up 1" pinned it and did a hem with a double needle. Took forever!
It actually didnt look good on, looked too big. Like maybe I should have 75 " for pleats than 90 " or something bc it looks, for lack of better word, "dowdy." The fix to this will be some cute fitted knee socks and a very fitted long sleeve t rather than a looser fit. The skirt should come up over the shirt, as in shirt tucked in and then the fullness will be accentuate and center pc of outfit rather than being dowdy.
Now I am deciding on a cream colored shirt, or a harvest orange. They both match, but the harvest will stain less easily... guess I will make both! Easier than making a decision.

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