Monday, January 5, 2009

more pictures

These pictures are out of sync, this one should have come 3rd in this row. I have the sunset and the moon in the picture and at bottom right (your right) is Tad in shadow.

This picture and the next happened within moments of each other. First the sky turns pastel colors and then orange and fiery and last it turns the color of lava or coals. The whole event takes a few minutes and its easy to miss.

The color on this one isnt as good as it is when looking at it. This is a beautiful place to live! The sky is amazing in the morning, it wakes me up as I dont bother with curtains. We live in the country and my bedroom is 2nd floor anyways. The sun is burning through my windows by 7 (yes I can roll over and go back to sleep) and will stay shining in my bedroom through 9-10 every morning warming the bed, thus the cats favorite spot.
In the evening, the sun sets out our front windows and its amazing to see! mom and I froze several evenings as we had to witness this event from the lawn rather than the couch indoors.

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