Friday, January 30, 2009


Middle of Tads backwards flip, which involved landing on his hands in a second, then of course the backwards handstand, landing then again on his hands. He often falls during this act, but this one was nice! She has good jump volume behind him. They have their webkinz on the trampoline with them, so they can jump also.

once again, good height on Nathalies jump.

And once again, Nathalie. Tad is at the end of a handstand that failed here...

We bought this tricycle in Germany, right before Nathalie was born. It has been ridden and loved by countless children, and survived being thrown about by a tornado. Both of my kids use it still and my God daughter Willow named it a "dirn dirn." Pronounced durn... And loved it so this summer!

And lastly, this is a carrot. Nathalie took a shower last night and afterwards dressed in orange wool interlock, her pants, Tads long sleeve wooly which he shares more often with her than himself. (he has other woolies, as does she) As I was walking by their room last night she said, "Mom, if I put my green afgan on my head I will be a carrot." I stared at her as though she had a new growth on her forehead and came into the living room to keep working and shortly, here she came. Struggling to not walk into door frames (yes I was laughin at her), and I took a picture of the carrot.

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