Monday, January 19, 2009


Tad found a spot behind the recliner to plug in his nintendo and ignore us. He was playing indiana jones, which is obvious due to the hat. My hat.

Nathalie found some mud and she had a WONDERFUL time. Nathalie has been more anxious than usual and missed Frank so terribly the last few wks. She has again started separating from me, she wasnt for this few wks, and playing alone or with Tad. I was so pleased to see her playing happily that I didnt even mind the mud! This required her coat to be washed, but she had a great time.

Today we are going to the alpaca farm about 2 miles from here. I am hoping to find a trade with the owner of the farm. She has a lot of goats and other animals and she is who taught Frank quite a bit about goat care. I want to offer spring help for stall mucking and other spring cleaning if she will babysit my goats for a wk, I want to go visit my mom!

We have had a lot going on and thus havent blogged much, will be back on track this wk!

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