Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today in Work

Picture is a little crooked. Kitten Britches cries at night when we wont let him out, and he eats our potted veggie plants if we do not get up early and let him out. He loves the outdoors, but he wants to be allowed in the second he is ready to come in. We cannot put a kitty door in our back door because its glass, the front door is, well, the front door! Plus, only super expensive kitty doors are good about not letting in cold air. So, we put one in the kitchen to garage door.There is no glass, and the garage is pretty warm. This helps minimize the cold. 
Larger picture of the entry way from garage, I like the red. Somehow it just pops! The kitty door isnt large, it almost looks to small knowing our kitty will be larger than average. Cats are pretty sinuous so I think it will work. 
This is the outside of that same door. Kitty Boy does like it, he likes to pick a fight with the actual flap because it flaps back, so he thinks he has a "someone" to play with. 
Now this is the other door, the one leading to the actual outdoors. Right now the big door is open, garage door, so he isnt using this one. Some cats do not cotton on to kitty doors right away but he doesnt have any problems. He seems to be aware that these are "his" gifts from us and he is pleased by them, he goes back and forth like its fun to use them. He is pleased that he is more free for sure, he doesnt have to ask or wait now. 
The middle hutch is the newest one. The small babbity in it, has been loose in the garage for 2 wks now. We couldnt find any of the wire, the stores up here charge an arm, leg and ear but they also dont have anything in stock. Cattle panel is 64$ each, but no one actually has any... We ended up using smaller wire (1/2x1/2 vs 1/2x1 inch) for the sides because we could find that, and that is for our roving chicken coop. The hutch needs to be 1/2x1 for the floor for the poop to fall through. Our rabbits have larger hutches than any hutch on the market. They can stand, jump, stretch etc. We can let Mr Babbity or little Babbity out one at a time but Mrs Babbity doesnt like to come out. The other 2 love to hop around the garage loose, and will do the same in a select area of the barn when it is built. I dont like to keep them trapped but Mrs. B honestly feels safest this way and we can take her out and hold her, but not if we let her loose. She is so terrified her heart races. We still  have to build 1 more hutch that will likely set below one of these, we will give one of these a tray that we can slide in/out to catch potty. The next one will be for offspring until they are old enough to eat. They will live in a kindle box (wood) inside the mamas hutch while she nurses. Rabbits kindle vs kid or calve by the way.
We made this yesterday, we had sanded/stained the wk before. The wood is really low quality, chips easily and didnt take stain well. Honestly, I do not care! I have enough shelf space for books for the first time since Sc which was nearly 5 yrs ago. Right now it is holding school books, a lot more to go. School books will likely take up 1.5 shelves, and all of the small, plastic, lidded bins will line the top along with some games. Then the other 1.5 shelves will hold things like the bottom has now, our taller hard-back books like the atlas and large self-help books.

We are making everything fit in this house, it is smaller but we are fitting things without making a cluttered disaster. We still have a desk-mess because we do not have a filing cabinet. We are waiting for one to be for sale online as we want to pay less. Once we get our filing done, really everything will be neat except for some of my sewing stuff. My sewing stuff is still a bit of a mess from the packers dumping boxes, bins and other containers all into boxes. they packed a lot of containers separate, or mixed them! It doesnt make any sense. My college semester ends May 10 and I wont be continuing. This will allow me a chance to get my sewing stuff organized, spend more time with the kids go back to doing business.

Once again I am just happy to be here! Happy to be back to normal life, we are loving all of the work. We are moving through it as fast as the hours let us. We are building a roving coop this wkend and hope to find 4-6 hens that are laying here in town, buy them and start having eggs. When moms visit is over (all of may) we will buy 2 does in milk so we have milk, eggs, meat and veggies. We will have spinach and other greens to eat within the next few wks, same time we have baby rabbits growing for meat! 


Tima Murrell said...

I had to laugh at your comment about the movers. Once after we moved I unpacked a trashcan from the office with the trash still in it. Strangely enough there were also some kitchen spoons in there as well. Never figured it out.

Jo Abair said...

You know, we have had them pack coffee grinds. Its insane what they will pack, even more crazy what they re-arrange for us. I was fine with the current arrangement and I knew it for goodness sake!The bad part is, they packed some things in such a way that things were broken. Some DVDs for homeschool were crushed, a dresser and sewing table completely destroyed and several other wooden furniture items are at least broken and gouged.