Friday, April 27, 2012

Saran Wrap

Kitten likes to be very close to us, he often puts out his claws at inopportune times and this causes pain. He also sniffs us like a dog would! He follows Nathalie around like a puppy. 
See, he is doing this sniffing thing. If people come over to visit, he sniffs them all over especially if they own a pet. He sniffs us after we have been with the goats. Sometimes he sneezes and rubs a paw over his nose like he is getting rid of it. This being said, he has the stinkiest poop I have EVER smelled in my life, from any cat or animal period! Oh heavens the whole HOUSE smells like death and he doesnt seem to mind. 
I think Tad had been rolling around outside before this sniffing event. Kitten Britches likes to sit in the hollow of the bean bag chair, especially if we leave his special blanket in it. He will do damage to an individual  who uses this particular afghan.

I like to say he is a sweet kitten, but mostly its that we love him and his weird, half-wild personality.  It is sort of like having a baby lion! He is rough and doesnt know his own abilities, and sometimes does leave some wicked claw marks. He also eats our vegetable plants potted in the window sills. I am sprouting some grain seeds for him now, apparently cats like (and need) grass. sprouts are especially good for cats, and wild cats eat more foliage than standard domestic.
This is an interesting idea. People have been making and selling food covers/reusable saran/plastic wrap for years. I have been wanting to make it for years, since we lived in Sc. but time was a constraint. I do not use plastic wrap usually, I just use a lid or a towel. The problem is, sometimes I cannot find the lid. sometimes the towel sticks to the dough and makes it fall. This is white PUL fabric, (poly-urethane laminate) so it has a shiny, slick side and a polyester fabric side. It is very thin, slightly stretchy and used commonly for washable diapers. I used FOE (fold-over elastic) to bind this, and cut the circle from a large, round pyrex dish. It fits the medium pyrex and the large measuring cup. These can be washed easily and dont even have to be dried, they dry super fast. 
I decided I didnt exactly like the FOE, so for this one I cut out the circle and sewed a basting stitch (the widest stitch the machine can do, used for gathers or making sure you are right before you finish the garment, etc) and pulled them up ever so slightly, which allowed it to hem flat. That is the way to hem a circle, pull up basting stitches slightly. Then I sewed the hem, and sewed while stretching, some clear elastic to the hem edge. This is better than a towel for a number of reasons. It isnt leak free, but it can work as a lid in the fridge whereas a towel will not keep the food air-tight enough. I dont put food in the fridge with a towel, but if I cannot find a lid I am stuck using plastic wrap (which I do not have) or foil. These can be washed out in the sink and wiped dry for re-use. I think I will make a lot of them, for all of the sizes that I have. The nice thing about white is that I hate changing thread colors, I want them to look professional. I have pretty prints, but hate to waste them when I can sell things made with that.

The first thing I made in this new house was a t shirt for Tad, next new blue jeans for Nathalie and now my washable plastic wraps. I have a piece of low-quality denim that I am going to make grocery sacks out of. I think I will actually make a pattern this time, and use decor bond pellon to make them slightly stiff for easier loading. I am having so much fun playing house!


truefreedom123 said...

o.k. I am putting in my order now....

Jo Abair said...

LOL I may really sell them. Or let Nathalie make and sell them. She is a good seamstress, follows directions well.