Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Conversation with kids, its always interesting what children know home to home. Much information is gained by listening to your parents, so children in one home know more about politics, history, science etc. than children in other homes. One of the things my kids know is knitting.

"Mama, how do you know when you get to the next row, you are not using a stitch marker." I was knitting a hat in the front seat on our way to Kenai.
"My tail is my marker."
"You know how many stitches you knit your tail in?"
"I quit knitting it in, it makes it so thick at the first few stitches so I leave it hang, and use an embroidery needle to weave it in later."
"Oh, doesnt that make your first few rounds pull your first stitch loose?"
"Yes, I pull it up by the tail several times the first few rows to keep it tight and neat."
"Thats a great idea! I hate how thick first stitches are."

Both of the kids are knitting for 4h this year. Tad is knitting clothes as usual and Nathalie is learning to knit toys. She wants to sell them in my store... she sees no purpose in knitting clothes when I will knit clothes for her. She loves to make pretty things, we are trying to teach her quality rather than quantity. She has far too many toys herself and will not let go of any of them, so she has to learn to make nice things in order to sell them at craft fairs and in my store. My sister taught her to make hairbows, and sold a kit to me for her to get started. Nathalie does a wonderful job, you cannot look at them and tell they were made by a beginner. I dont mind how much she makes if she has an outlet to get rid of some of it, she loves crafting but our house cannot hold any more!

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