Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Music and math

(Overheard from the living room from my boy who is dancing hip hop next to his math book...with a pencil in hand)
"Last night a DJ saved my life, singin' ahh ahh ahh ahh stayin' alive! 7 times 120 is 700 plus 14 with a zero so 140 which is 840 saying ahh ahh ahh ahh -insert Italian rap- stayin' alive." He has an mp3 playing techno next to him while he works. His math gets done twice as fast. He is doing fractions.
(Heard later while he is playing Legos) "3x6 is 18 6x6 is 36, two 18s makes 36 so 18/6 is 3 and 36/6 is 6..." he continues. It all sounds like freestyle, or rap I guess. We dont listen to rap, never have but he does freestyle on his own. Anything music is appealing to him. It is amazing to me that I can ask him, what is 6x6 and he will stare at me. However if I write it into a "song" or he does, he knows the answer. Somehow it sets things to order in his brain. He asked for me to buy several Italian techno songs which I did, and he learned them! He learned the German, Italian and Chinese lessons on a disc that came with their French program. The CD was an example of the other languages they offer. Anything put to a beat in his brain is learned, I wonder if he will always have to rap his multiplication tables? Will he have to dance while teaching his children or can he stand still? I am not sure...

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