Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some photos

Nathalie is at the kitchen table and says, I miss daddy. He would say to me, have you been kicked today? No. Well, lets put that on the agenda. And then she says, mama says dont run in the house. But when daddy is home, we wrestle and then he runs and then we do so we get to break the rules. Tad says, you break that rule when he isnt home. Yes she says, but its not okay then. Mama says Stop Running and if daddy is here, we all three just run. Hmm. Sounds like mama is being undermined!!! This MUST stop. Until he is home and then, well, okay fine...

This picture of silly faces is for Frank. Tad says, he wonders what it would look like if a goat blew up. He thinks Frank would know this answer, though Tad thinks it would just be a puff of smoke.

Apparently we are all missing him today. I saw this picture and thought of him. I love sunrise/sunset photos and so does he. In spring, we get fog pictures and those might be my favorite. This was taken a few evenings ago before the snow.

Yes thats a vacuum hose in the picture... and poor posture while he is playing. Usually they put music on a stand and sit straight or mama says, straighten up and play that song again with better posture. I like to see Tad play, he is good at it and he loves it.

This photo is dark and grainy but I like it. Somehow it was a moody day, and the photo matched. It was taken some days ago. For me, winter needs snow. I think I could become tired of it and feel dismal if we had no snow, the snowy days are usually sunny and bright and rather warmer than just the bitter windy days. The kids have been out for an hour today and are now in eating breakfast and getting ready for school. On break they will be back out for an hour, they spent about 4 out in the snow yesterday.
Nathalie just asked us if we ate her stuff bear which seems to be missing. They are full of it today... off to educate my offspring!

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