Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day

We have a 4h meeting tonight. Here is the vehicle I am taking, because its 4wd and also I am going to have to clear the drive with it regardless, may as well have the kids hop on the brush hog and off we go! Just kidding... we do have 4h and I likely will clear part of the drifts with this beast.

We had no snow yesterday, we went grocery shopping at 6 pm yesterday for a few things we would miss if we were snowed in. Driving on snow doesnt bother me at all, but its sure easy to just stay home. We stocked up on wood here, we have a huge pile in the garage and then started stacking here. Makes it easier on snowy days.

I woke up at 2 am and looked out to see this beautiful, fluffy, white layer of snow. My kids love snow, as do I. I went out to the goats this morning and found they had already sullied their snow with feces, pee and hoof prints. The chickens, however, were very hesitant and chose to stay in their barn even after I opened the door to set them free. The ducks didnt go into their house at all, instead their web prints show me that they did nothing but enjoy the snow all night. Ducks dont sleep, they cat nap and they like snow and cold.
The kids woke up at 9 and jumped out of bed and got dressed and went right out without breakfast. Now that they have that out of their systems they are happily doing homework by the warm fire place. It is beautiful and fluffy and I love it, the kids and I both wish Frank was here to enjoy it with us. He would put snow in their pants, and down the back of their necks. And push them down in drifts multiple times. And throw large snow balls at them. Wait, what? We WANT that? Thankfully he doesnt treat me that way... just them!

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