Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just blogging

I have not had much time for blogging... and my poor husband misses us! I am proud that he reads my blog, so probably I should find time to update. We have been running ragged lately getting things done, we have had some nice weather and some rather cold days and have tried to take advantage of the nice weather. This picture of me is a little tired looking but it was late, Tad took this one.

This, is Miss Nathalie's pond. It actually held water, I am pretty sure it froze. We didnt get a picture of that. Tad took this one also while I was out working. Nathalie built a mini farm in the yard, using animals and dollhouse people. Yesterday, she chopped wood with (get ready) a garden tool, wearing no safety glasses. Now, we may not be super strict about our own safety but we require safety glasses when chopping wood. She got a small something in her eye, I flushed it and it seemed okay but she continued to cry from pain, so last night (1.5 hrs after incident) we headed to ER per mamas wish, as her cornea may be scratched. Good call Dr Mama. It was scratched at "9 O'Clock on the cornea." She got drops and follow up and thankfully we found a homeopathic that stopped her pain shortly after arriving home. It was a little unmanageable once bedtime came and she gets punk so fast when she doesnt feel well. Ibuprofen and herbal remedies were not touching the pain but belladonna wiped it out! Follow up appt this am said she will be fine and eyes heal very fast.

Here is her little farm operation. It was quite a warm day, this was around christmas. I cant remember which day it was but it was a beautiful day.

Same day, Tad used a piece of Pex I believe, and made a bow and arrow. The string is the long string you pull from a feedbag to open it up. Look at the sad state of his pants. Sadder part? I am sending them to my best friend for her boy child this week as Tad says they are getting a little snuggish.

The arrows didnt go very straight, or as aimed at all but he had fun with his warm day project. We are busy keeping things going in the barnyard, clean up is always something that seems to fall behind. The barn stays mucked, but somehow the baling wire, empty feed sacks, empty bowls and buckets, broken things, just litter up the barns! I go about picking things up so the yard area stays safe, but the barn is a sad mess at this point. The house... well lets dont go there! Children doing well in school, having fun with music lessons and new friends at 4h. They miss their daddy, and sometimes I believe that Nathalie (might) in little girl ways that are not evil (not totally...), scheme for ways to have daddy home. She did ask if blindness in one eye would cause him to come home and was disappointed that I said no! She wondered this all last deployment too, even down to asking does someone have to be DEAD??? Yes, baby, yes I think so... She doesnt seem to remember that this deployment and has regular questions as to will this or that bring him home.

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