Thursday, January 27, 2011


If you ever loved somebody put your hands up... No I wouldnt let my daughter dance to anything Nellie sings, wait, yes I would! Thats what she is doing.

I have to tell my son to drop his weapons before we go town. He is prepared, if I am down at the barn with them and run into any problem-he has the tool for the job. He can cut or chop anything open or apart, in quick order. "No mama, let me, you might cut yourself. No thats wrong knife, use this one, mama can I just do it I feel nervous watching you. No the knife doesnt go TOWARDS you mama." I tell him, "Tad I am an adult, I know what I am doing." He raises his eyebrows and pats me kindly as if he understands, mama is dillusional. Then, rather than cutting open the bag of feed that I am fighting with, he pulls the little string! I finally have this down myself after him showing me for, oh say 3 years???

Today is wonderful warm weather, now while I do love snow and winter I can truly say I love spring and fall nearly as much and today is spring-ish. Clothes are on the line, and I kicked the kids out. Yep, no school today. Other kids, they get a snow day. On snow days, my kids do school. Probably more than other days because its so cold out. Today, I kicked them out to fill their lungs with fresh air. I have the heat off and the windows open, but it is not at all THAT warm, so I have a fire going. Nathalie has been fighting a cold, and we dont want it. I am cleaning the house this morning, and airing it to get rid of her cold germs. I am buring orange oil and giving her plenty of herbs.

Have a wonderful day!

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