Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Education and country kites

Eric, Justina and Tristin were over for dinner and to help me with a project. The electrical socket by the bucks pen wasnt working. It became wet apparently, by the rust and corrosion inside. Eric replaced this for us and here he is taking apart the old one for the boys to see how it works. Both of them knew the names of some of the components and had a good idea of how it all works. Tad is very fascinated by electricity though he does seem to respect it... A good time was had by all, and it must be said that Justina knew some of the components by name, that the boys didnt know!
And here we have country, er, redneck, kite flying! Tad and Nathalie both tied plastic sacks to 550 cord, and flew them. It was a sunny,windy day. They were in the field together but I didnt have my camera.

Tad obliged and got his going in the front yard. He said you can let out the string as the wind takes it, and they only had one kite stuck in a tree. I didnt ask what tree, but in our field, there are no trees. There are few trees on our property! I think this plastic sack kite flying can be filed into education as well. And it was a good source of entertainment for them and me!

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