Friday, January 28, 2011


My children are entertained by these things. I was alone this morning, early, drinking coffee. Watching the sun come up at the back porch. It was a lovely quiet time being alone-I enjoy this. Yesterday the weather was warm and lovely and Nathalie had been fighting a cold, so I kicked the kids out for fresh air and scrubbed my house, dusted and organized the main part. Bedrooms to come next wk... I was looking around at our neat, clean home this morning thinking, this is a nice place for children to live. I wished to share it with Frank, wished he was sitting here enjoying the quiet clean house with me. Knowing that our children have these things to enjoy.

This is my tripod, or Franks. He bought it for me but he uses it also and we love it. The kids use it more than both of us do. This video camera was a christmas present from Frank to Nathalie. The kids video all sorts of things, they put on puppet shows and plays-mostly about star crossed lovers. Why is that? I dont know but there is ALWAYS a therapist in the show!

Now the pencil sharpener... we never have a good one. Its always a problem in school, so Frank found and sent this nice pencil sharpener. Someone (surely not me) was supposed to get some screws and adhere it to a spot on the half wall where the children's school books stack. Well, somehow, this and that happened. Tad got tired of this, and he asked me can he screw it down I said no because I feared for my wood surfaces so he took things into his own hands. See the result? It works SO well too! They can sharpen quickly and the sharpener doesn't fall over. This is 100 mile an hr tape, very similar to duct tape but quite a bit stickier. That will be fun to clean off...

Thats our entertainment for the day. Off to run errands!

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