Wednesday, January 19, 2011

See my snow???

Yeah I know I just took a picture of my tractor in snow. But that was more snow. And this picture, if you look closely, SHOWS the snow FALLING!

Bbq grill isnt pretty, I know, but once again it shows you the falling snow. That is essential because there isn't a lot on the ground yet. A lot of our snow melted in warmish days the last 2-3 days but we are getting some more. The radio said, this morning, that we would get 5-8 inches today possibly and thats good because I will get drifts, and maybe will have up to 2 ft. I would be happy then. Well, happier. I am already happy as an individual, snow cant actually make or break that.

See? My driveway was clear, now it is redusted. And its pretty...this snow is more hard and biting but its sticking and lovely.

The back porch, my ugly flower pots. My poor white truck out there wishing he were in the garage probably but there is no space for him in there. The trucks have to man up and stay outside so that the cars can enjoy the warm garage.

One of my goats doesnt like this weather, and I feel badly for him poor guy... The rest seem happy as long as they have extra hay to eat. The chickens avoid snow like the plague but they have a huge barn all to themselves and a heat lamp. I should get a picture of them perching in the doorway.

Off to help divide fractions.

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