Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Making a pattern

This is a pattern for a diaper cover. I saw the style for years online before I made one. I have been making then since, oh before we left Sc so at least 4+ years. I make the pattern by deciding my rise and crotch width, then dividing my waist by front and back and adding on some for stretch.

1 finished pattern, 1 nearly finished in a different size. The quilter's ruler is very helpful in making patterns and also setting snap placement on diaper fronts.
A finished cover. This is 100 % wool which breathes well so is good for winter and summer. Wool is naturally waterproof while on the sheep, lanonlin is the oil that makes it so. It is removed before carding and spinning the wool but you can put it back in by soaking the cover in some warm water with dissolved lanolin in it. This wool happens to be both washable and dryable, though most wool is hand wash or dry clean only.

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