Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A New Pet

We have a new pet. I do not have a picture of her, or him, yet but maybe tomorrow. It is a skunk, a pretty skunk which I think is a pregnant mama skunk trying to nest in our ducks little straw bale house. The drawback is this, I am pretty sure this same skunk that I spotted becoming our pet this evening was the one who killed one of my ducks last night. Which, are also my pets. And I have pictures of them.

So I am torn, what to do about my new pet eating my old pets? Here is the thing. I could shoot, or trap this skunk. But more would come. If I am going to have this problem today it will be next week also. So now the ducks get moved to a closed in barn at night. No problem, they are happy to go. Easy to catch and carry, being pets.

The skunk pet is harder to carry. But I believe she is a mama, she is nesting. And I cannot kill her, because they are basically non-violent. She was just eating. I will leave out a little bit of food for her at night, and assume that she will repay this by not spraying me...

It is very unlikely that she will spray, skunks have warnings before they spray and most (unless terrified) will give 3 warnings and quite a bit of time. You have to invade their private area, or threaten them. I do not feel she will spray anyone and if she does we wont die. And plus, she is my new pet! I will call her Suzy.


Tima Murrell said...

Do you have any pictures of your new pet?
Btw, you are a bit braver than I to be having a pet skunk. =)

Tima Murrell said...

Apparently I'm not very good at reading. I just noticed that you said you didn't have a picture at the beginning of the post. Sorry about that.

Jo Abair said...

Its okay. my pet ended up not being my pet afterall and she got... um.. killed. she cant not eat ducks and chickens it wasnt her fault. I was sad. I wanted pet BABY skunks and I think my pet was pregnant. I am disappointed. But, there are always all those other skunks. Maybe one of those would be my pet?