Sunday, June 30, 2013


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Tad has wanted a dirt bike for many, many years. Eric taught him to ride a 50 when he was 8 and he loved it! Of course Eric encouraged us to get him into it... He has several times since rode dirt bikes, as large as a 100. On vacation he did great on the 50, but the brand of 100 that my best friend has is too tall for him. It did not go well. So he did his research and found that the Yamaha TTR 125 is a bit shorter than some models, but with enough power for him. He and his friend spend days last week each finding a bike, his friend is 13 and bought an identical bike yesterday!
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Tad found the bike on CL, it had been ridden only a few miles. A Native man was selling it, he is very short. Not much taller than me, so he needs a short bike but as he said, "I am a fat guy now" and so is going to destroy the bike. So we got a pretty good deal on it price wise, as it is barely used and we paid a lot less than new price. 
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Tad is paying for this himself. He has jobs with 3 different people over the summer doing lawn work, barn mucking, rock hauling and dog care. He also is doing a number of jobs around here that I attached a value to and he will spend the summer working off the bike along with enjoying it! He will have plenty of riding time. We are not schooling much this summer. He is crazy excited and insanely happy about this bike! The neighbor's son is a 19 yr old bike mechanic, self taught, and he came over yesterday to help Tad unload it, check it out and make sure it was ready to go and then he took Tad home to fit him with helmet and boots. I would not let him ride without, and Clay had some smaller gear he had grown out of. Which was awesome because a lot of what I was finding online was questionable, and I do not want a helmet that is internally cracked, or poor quality boots.

I took a video but having some trouble with video uploads. I got some of them to work, but not all.

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