Friday, June 7, 2013

Its Friday!

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I know, not a great title but I mean, its Friday! I am trying to blog regularly for Frank, and I do not really have a subject here. This is a photo I found on the card, I assume Nathalie took it.
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Excuse the laundry... We can hang laundry this yr in Ak, we have a sunny summer! Last summer we had 8-10 days with no rain and it took days and days for any laundry to dry if at all. 
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Haha I guess he is all done... 
   photo 262_zpsf0504921.jpg 
And now the camera is in Tad's hands? My best guess, unless the dog had the camera.
   photo 246_zpse02b057a.jpg 
"Hey guys, come over here and help me."
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We had a great plan this winter, put some frozen hides in the loft of the shed... we forgot about them. 
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"Daddy can I stand up right now?"
   photo 254_zps1e2c6530.jpg 
"Not yet baby girl, get the door first."
"Um, daddy? Something smells bad here!"
   photo 257_zps93b3092f.jpg 
"Daddy, this is vile! Smells like something died..."
   photo 258_zps194c270a.jpg 
She climbed in and there the photos end for she changed her mind and came RIGHT back into his arms. She wanted to be helpful but that smell... I do not have smell issues and was not actually aware of what she was trying to help him with at first, once I saw I put down the camera and climbed up myself to fetch the hides. They were in bags, but had rotted because we forgot! Yes, I know that is super gross. But really, there are worse events. on a farm, nothing is really all that gross. We learned our lesson, make SURE yout an the hides over the winter! 

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