Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bully Girl

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So Bully MIGHT be spoiled! A little... This morning Nathalie spent a lot of time whining and complaining about how we had gotten her up, she had to make her own breakfast, her life is simply hard and miserable. Bully has gone to see about her girl hanging upside down and fussing. 
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She saw no aid could be given, so she turned around, stood on Nathalie's hair and stuck her rear in Nathalie's face. Nathalie carried on and wanted us to call Bully off, Tad half-heartedly called her but Bully ignored him. I think she saw we wanted her to squash the whininess that Nathalie was exhibiting. I love how Bully is looking back at her, Nathalie is pretending to be injured and upset and of course, she is laughing. 
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Tad is doing a summer research paper, 5 pages, 3 sources. He has 6 wks to complete it, I think he is doing it on moonshine. Bully could see that she was not getting any attention and was seeking it. 
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"Mom..I is getting no attentions. Help please, make him play with me."
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"I can lays on the 'puter. That will make him loves me."

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"You cannot make me smile. Its impossible."

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Really...what happened here??? 
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"Please give me a treat. I just wants ONE blueberry!"
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"Hey, help. Please. She wont gives me a blueberry. I is a starving girl, I has had nothing in 5 minutes!"
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Right after Frank left, Bully could see something was amiss. Tad is still on crutches here so this was day 1 or 2 after he left, because on day 3 Tad came off of crutches. She continually came to love each of us in turn, whoever was dealing with it the worst. 
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"See? Dogs make things better...See I made him almost smile. And mom, please cut the boy's hair, he is scruffy." 

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Dont remember if I blogged this one already. This was my favorite from our last fishing trip before he left. She is nearly as long as him!

We are doing pretty well, it has been 2 wks exactly, well tonight at 9 p.m. makes it 2 wks. We had a very rough first wk, the 2nd wk, I guess we have lost the underwater drowning feeling. Today has been a hard day being father's day but Frank did call and that was nice. He is able to call us for a few minutes each day. I remember when they were small and had less to say, they would get done and hand the phone off. Now, they have so much to tell him we all 3 have to split up the time. I miss him and life is easier with him.

Today the kids are playing LEGOs, jumping on the trampoline, doing their math homework (we do math and french all summer) and working on their research projects. They did well on their state tests this yr, but writing was a little low. Just because at this age, I have not made them do a lot. We are using the research project for this and of course, spelling/grammar. I am cooking gluten free snacks, doing laundry and weeding the garden. Nathalie is making homemade goat milk ice cream and Tad is telling me why people used to kill themselves using old radiators to condense moonshine. Oh, its the antifreeze if you were wondering.

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