Monday, June 10, 2013

A dog's life

 photo 090_zpsba3aeb8f.jpg 
Bully has so many trials. We expect her to be on guard, and other than that she gets free food, good water and enough love for 3 dogs. 
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This has been a huge work in progress. Most of her life Nathalie has wanted to be able to turn a flip. she started diving a few months ago and can do back and front dives, and a front 1 and almost a front 1.5. It has given her a lot of confidence. 
   photo 088_zpsedf30e7f.jpg 
Frank leaving caused her to be determined to get a flip within a wk so I could video it. Each time I video so far, she does not land on her feet. But sometimes she does when I DONT video! We will get there... 
   photo 087_zps7bc88d90.jpg 
She finally has a rotation!
   photo 089_zps358aca4c.jpg 
She wants to land more straight up and also learn a back flip, something that Tad has been doing for awhile. 
   photo 055_zpsefc603d6.jpg 
He is so excited still over being able to walk, he calls it his "walking trick" and says its a magicians dream.
  photo 054_zpsbb1924dd.jpg 
I would personally be afraid of a back flip, he has several ways he can do it, including coming out a roundoff like he is going to do another cartwheel, but going backward instead. 
  photo 052_zps567e9db8.jpg 
He gets a lot of height and it really freaks Nathalie out! 
  photo 053_zps912b4162.jpg 
This is how she wants to land... He is steadily coaching her through this, giving her valuable feed back. 
  photo 025_zpsa9db8071.jpg 
Just a cool upside down shot! 
  photo 037_zpsa7df4ddf.jpg 
start of a back flip, I did not get the complete set but I still love the photo.
  photo 036_zps67ef406a.jpg 
These area actually out of order, this one came first. 
  photo 043_zpsa0a61c0c.jpg 
getting ready to try her back flip. 

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