Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Smores in the rain

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Frank agreed to make smores with the kids the last wkend he was here, and naturally on Saturday (day before he left) it started raining. Heavy enough that no fire was going to work out. Sunday-still raining. So Nathalie tried to cover the fire area, and I suggested the bbq grill. 
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It took Tad and Nathalie-with a little help from Frank-about an hr to get a small fire going. 
   photo 353_zps512bb7d9.jpg 
But I guess its worth it right? If you like smores. 
  photo 357_zpsc8b86be2.jpg 
You like this nice fashion statement my love is making? Yes he wears his jeans rolled up because otherwise he has "short people jeans" in the house when bare footed. Meaning-they drag. 
  photo 354_zpseed350e9.jpg 
They discovered that a resees cup  in a smore is yummy. Eww.
  photo 351_zpsf0e5d429.jpg 
Standing in the rain in pursuit of processed sugar.
  photo 364_zps28f51690.jpg 
Just ONE more to make SURE they are not poison! 
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"I never gets ANY smores! I never gets any treats at all... "

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