Thursday, September 3, 2009

Belated post

Nathalie Age 6

This picture was taken in May of this yr when Frank was visiting. I have NO pictures whatsover that are worth posting! I havent taken any of late, been very busy as usual but also end up working far out in the field and have no camera with me.

I like this picture, she was so engrossed in the movie she didnt see me. She is in little gym clothes and knee socks which for her, is pretty benign as an outfit!

This was our family cat, Evil Beast, for 5 years. She has had problems for over a year now, the moving, tornado, staying in a kennel, moving to moms, my sisters then back to us, her daughter little evil running away and then lastly her pet leaving was all to much for her. Frank is her pet, she loved him and Little best. She started doing odd things largely defacating and urinating in the house, porch, outside windowsills, the garage, etc. She had some medical symptoms and some mental ones, and I did try to fix her for about 9 mo. We finally gave up and put her down, but we have 5 wonderful years of memories with our funny Evil cat!

So we have been busy, and will still be. We had our first official day back to school, there were a few kinks that I afterwards worked out with Nikki. Nikki is my best friend in Ga and she has been homeschooling as long as I have. She however, has older kids. Her oldest 2 are 9 and almost 11 (this mo) and so she has some more experience with above first grade level. We did relaxed school last yr bc the stress of tornado, moving and deployment was pretty great. We enjoyed it, but it takes a lot for me to teach each needed concept for all subject areas with games, puzzles, books and homemade activities.

So back to regular school! With the help of friends (Diana Wicker WROTE our unit study!!!), my local friend who homeschools was a school teacher in school before homeschooling and my best friend in Ga. Oh and a supportive husband and mom.... Thanks for the help guys!

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