Thursday, September 10, 2009

Achmed and Darling

This is the puppet show "Achmed and Darling." Now before anyone jumps to conclusions, yes I am very picky about what my kids watch/see. We have no cable, and they dont use the internet without my supervision. However, my mom deemed the first 4 min of an Achmed (comedy) routine appropriate for them. I watched it and agreed, it is truly funny. So my kids use Achmed as their evil bad guy, and Darling (think Fox and the Hound) is the good guy.
Darling is the paper bag puppet made by Nathalie, Achmed is the paper cup and water bottle duck made by Tad. They set up pillows on the coffee table because I was mean and refused to budge up the huge double recliner couch for them to squat behind.
The show was funny and impromptu, they fought each other as well as invisible evil squirrels. Anyone who knows my husband knows that he is of the strong belief that squirrels are inherently evil. As such, my kids believe this too. If someone isnt good, or if an animal acts badly, "He/she is in league with the squirrels." I have yet to ascertain if my husband truly thinks squirrels are evil but I am sorry to say I believe that he does.

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Fjpsam said...

The evil of squirrels is not believed because they deliberately adopted a 'cutesy' look. They really are hatching a world wide plot to displace humans...