Thursday, September 3, 2009

Recycled Clothes

Each season I do a blog, or some blogs, on the new clothes that I have made for my childrens wardrobe. Well anyone who follows my blog knows I have been pretty busy this year! Last years clothes had some advantages, some pairs of pants were a bit long or had long hems that I let down and a couple pr pants were made later in season due to need. Our lifestyle necessitates hard work on the part of all so knees go pretty quick!

I try to use matching patches, the right knee of these pants was already patched with a camo patch but I am out. So I have this scrap of heavyweight denim to make use of. I use the quilting spray glue, serge all 4 sides of my patch to make it not fray, spray it, put it inside the leg and position. Apply pressure, then sew around the square well with matching thread.
Not to bad eh? I mean it does show, and I could have found better matching. But I am only using these as their winter work pants. They will each have nice new pants, but there is no reason to not patch and reuse pants that fit. These were too long last year and due to the color blocking, they would have looked wrong to hem up so we turned under until they fit better.

The tan pants are Nathlies. Last winter was her 2nd winter in them. The first winter they were made in January bc we were in Md for half of each month just about for the winter. So they have gone 1.5 winters so far! They had deep 4" hems which were let out well last mid winter and now are done letting out. They will fit nicely for at least half the winter and the 2nd half, well wear knee socks! These are a heavy weight twill made from some old pants of Franks.
So there you have it! Recycled clothing. My husband is not a big fan of his children looking like rag bags and I do understand this. But I think we might as well reuse neatly patched pants as farm work pants. Then they need only 2-3 pr of nice pants which cuts down on my work time.
The denim on the end pants didnt need knees, they needed hem, pocket and waistband mending. Yes, my kids are hard on their clothes. So are we, both of us. We work a lot, its what we all love and are good at.
The pink on the end is actually a pink and white striped knit made of recycle pop bottles! This is a friendly fabric I bought on sale last summer and Nathalie wants a long sleeve winter t shirt dress out of it.

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