Saturday, September 26, 2009

I was having a conversation with my mom today. I was driving to pick up a new animal... more later on that.

"Mom I was driving down a dirt road on my way to Navarre, and there were ruts down the center. Just the center, so that if someone is coming from the other way you both have to go to the right."

"Well yeah." She responds, mom lives in Tn-enough said.

"So I wondered, I had to drive down the big middle of the road. And do they have the big middle of the road to everyone or do some people call it the middle?"

"Everyone calls it the big middle."

"You are sure? Even people up north and north west?"

"Well no they dont but I mean everyone and they dont count."

"Oh so just people like us count. Because we are cornbread and chicken and front porch sittin?"


Glad to have that cleared up.

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