Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bulk Cooking

Her little cheesy toothless grin is cute though she will look at pictures of herself and walk away sad! I am not sure why. She says Tad is better looking than her, but he says the same of her so they are both just low on ego...
Today we did a lot. Yesteday we mowed the whole lawn (which is huge), cleaned up the yard, went to the dump (we have 4 trashcans every 4 mo bc we recycle SO Much so we dont pay for trash pickup at 40 $ a mo! ), and did school work. Oh and some sewing. So today didnt want to fall behind in that trend.

I cleaned out the fridge and made a lot of foods that needed to be made up

This included a gallon of smoothie, photo exhibit 1. We drink this daily when its made.

Made breakfast energy bars on my new pizza stone and man they come out nice! Much yummier, puffy and chewy. Way better than a cookie sheet!!! These are a healthy well balanced breakfast. It has dried fruit, peanut butter, oatmeal, flax seed, whole wheat cereal, honey and a spinach torn up super fine. My kids like spinach, but this is a fabulous way to get in extra. Yes its in the smoothie too. This is one of the best foods a person can eat, fresh spinach.

My kids eat about 2 of these a day bc I stop them at 2, they make a great snack with applesauce or other fruit but the flax seed.... well lets just say dont over eat them!

We did school today as well as a makeup for (I think) thursday. Could have been wednesday. The kids are doing great with their curriculum, the singapore math and sequential spelling are a hit. They are enjoying the unit study written by friend Diana and I am enjoying the ease of it being done for me!

We have brome grass up in our feild! YAY!!! I planted this, well we planted this, in an almost 2 acre area by hand. The goats were not eating the weeds in there, so we planted new after paying a small fee to have it tilled. It is coming up and its beautiful! I will have free food for aprox 8 mo out of the year this way. The goats eat the brome well into winter, bc until snow covers it, its just dry hay that wasnt cut.

Okay so off to finish my bean, rice and spinach/red pepper wraps! These are great to make ahead and freeze. We take out several for quick lunches and once again, getting veggies, protien and grain from one yummy meal.


Tima Murrell said...

Please tell Natalie that I think she is beautiful. I enjoy reading the blogs and think she (as well as Tad) are precious children.
On another note-can you share the recipe for the breakfast bars? Thanks!

Jo Abair said...

Yes I will! Will do a post on it as well as some other recipes.