Monday, September 7, 2009


Autumn came up on the back deck but she was stuck. I am sure if ignored she would have made it down but we took our poor sweet baby through the house to let her back out front. Tad loves her, well we all do. She is a very sweet quiet baby.

Pepsi was the only one who hadnt broken out so Nathalie helped her break out and was closing the gate back up, Pepsi was crying because everyone else was in the yard hanging out.

Tad is trying to encourage Autumn to walk down. She had some coffee with me and was happy to hang up there but then wanted her other little friends.

Some of her little/big friends!

She did give it a valid effort! poor thing. Its different to go down, up was easier.

Kids hanging out with Autumn, Scout was at the bottom fussing and fearing Autumn is now the favorite.

She is pleased, we think, with her feat. She has wanted to come up for a long time. Everyone else wants to also but only she was so brave.

School time, Tad is wearing my house shoes. We discovered that he can do math well with manipulatives, these are cuisenaire rods though I ordered Math-U-See blocks as they are segmented. This is our school desk and the white boards are behind them. I hung them 2 wks ago in preparation for school and the kids have loved drawing on them.

School again.... Same day but we have been going strong 1 whole wk this fall! The kids like the new curriculum, we are doing a history/science/literature unit study written by a fellow homeschool mama in Sc. We are also doing singapore math, this is IMO the best math to keep your children ahead of the game. Its a very tough math program but can be made very fun. We are also using sequential spelling, once again fun but top of the line for turning out great spellers! We are using a 1912 primer for language arts, italics handwriting, Nathalie is doing a bible reader and Tad doesnt need to do reading anymore. He reads a book a week aproximately and does oral or written reports when I ask for them.

So that was our day, this is our week on our little happy farm.

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