Sunday, August 23, 2009

New feeder

A new feeder... I know another one! This is my breeding feeder, I have a 2 sided pen for my boys and this is for the 2nd side. I have one built similar for one side. I need to breed on one side to keep everyone separate, and they need to not eat on the ground. My other one that is in the boys side gets rained in. I have to pull it out and redo the bottom and put a lid on it.

My bottom in this one is pretty tacky, 4 different scraps of plyboard are screwed down there just to keep the hay from falling through. The top is 2 scraps of plyboard also not quite right for the size, it overhangs enough in front and back but the sides are a bit shy. They do come far enough over to completely cover the top. The top is hinged so will need a bead of silicone to keep it from leaking. This is a great way for the hay to stay dry-unless we have driving rain.

So now I can start my breeding!!!

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