Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can and Can't

Our living room is often full of comfortable blankets and good books, there are art books, pattern books (ottobre), of course the atlas. We all need to know where we are, where we have been and where we are going.

The dining room has 4 pieces of furniture, 3 sewing tables/counters and a 1 large school desk. This sewing table can be stowed but the others cannot.

School table, Tad is working on art in a special sketch book. He is done with math, thus the Math-U-See blocks out.

When mommmy sleeps, Nathalie will tattoo her head with an orange antelope! This is a wear off in 2 wks tattoo... Lovely.


Sleeping room.
So can, and can't. I can have an immaculate house and run a homestead well and make the children's clothes. I can have an immaculate house and homeschool well and make the children's clothes. I cannot homeschool and homestead make clothes and keep an immaculate house. So which one goes to the dogs you ask? None of them. Homeschooling, gets first priority. Then the house, clothes and homestead follow. All the livestock are clean, fed, and watered. We pay attention to them and muck out the barn. The weeds ran away with the garden and we have to find a "weed solution" next year. The barn yards, well they could use some weed eating around the barns and some of the buildings are pretty cluttered.
Some days the house is so super clean. Now, the bathrooms (not pictured) are clean, the kitchen as you see is neat. The beds are not always made, there are always Lego's out in the playroom. Today the playroom is a scary mess!!!
I make the clothes because I have an aversion to buying them. I mean I just hate seeing them in store bought clothes when I can make them so well on my own. My mom and sister send neat t shirts sometimes, with different states and attractions or funny sayings. These are fine. But other than that, I prefer to sew. It makes me happy to see them in what I created.
There you have it, I cannot do everything completely with nothing failing. Who can though? I mean unless I had a lot less to do, less irons in the fire. I don't want less to do, I want for us all to have the opportunity to enjoy all of this.

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