Thursday, September 10, 2009

Odd things

"Mama are we odd?"
"Probably why?"
"Just because I think we are. I just wanted to check on that. Do you mind if we are odd?"
"I guess if I minded we wouldnt be."
"Well you could mind blond hair but that wouldnt make it brown. You could dye it but you would still have blond hair. How could we not be odd?"
"Well maybe odd is a matter of opinion."
"Then maybe everyone is odd. And just not everyone is okay with it."
"Maybe Nathalie, you could be right."

On that note, we do some very odd things. We avoid crowds and cities, we dont make best friends outside of our family, we like to do vacation at home, my kids love working more than anything in the world, we almost always put our chairs up after we eat, we wear boots with shorts. Oh the list goes on... We are happy this way!

The chairs are not an amazing picture, but it is odd. It makes sweeping easier!

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