Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Teeter Totter

Tad taught Nathalie to teeter totter by herself. Oh, excuse me, see saw. When I was growing up, this was called a teeter totter which is what I still think of it as. My sister and I had a metal one, it was light weight and was basically rockers with 3 seats. When my little sister sat in the middle, we were moderate. Alone-we literally had it up on end with one of us vertically up in the air. We LOVED it and would teeter for hours. I think my mom has pictures of us near flying on it before my 2nd birthday.
Nathalie loves it even more than Tad, Frank will often see saw with them, it takes both of them or one of them and a pet rock. Tad chose her rocks well, it scared me. I felt they would roll down and hit her but they do not. He chose rocks with flat bottoms, they are so heavy they hold themselves down. This gives her much enjoyment. She still does not run around much,but she does do this. She is outside sitting on it in the sun right now having her after swim snack of apples and cheese. She fell yesterday running and jumping ONTO the teeter.We all 3 ran to her, I am afraid we all have become a little protective of her and will have to back off to not total spoil her. Credit for both photos goes to Tad as he took them.

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