Monday, August 6, 2012


Today was the first official day of team swim for the kids. They have been in swim camp, run by swim team. This lets the kids find out if they can hack it, if they like it and tells the coach how to place them more accurately than if they just did a tryout. Both of our kids made level 2, though Nathalie missed the last 3 days of camp and Tad the last 2. She missed 3 being sick, he missed his first day at the ER with her, and his 2nd because she was contagious and I did not want to share.

Today was hard. Nathalie is no longer contagious, but the last time she threw up was Saturday night and the last time she ate a whole meal was a week ago. I told her she could wait, she has lost a lot of weight and is weak and tired. She insisted she swim. Tad told me privately that he did not want to swim without her,they were relieved to be in same level. I let her make the decision.

We are very proud of her, she made it for 45 min. Each morning (4 morn a wk at this level) is 1 hr and 15 minutes. At 45 min, the coach (who I had talked to before hand) pulled her out. Nathalie cried, she wanted to stay in. Her left side starts to drop when she gets tired, and her eye droops a bit (this for any problem, emotional or physical since she was 3 and got something in her eye). Her eye was nearly shut and she was dragging her left side. She wouldnt give up, or get out until the coach forced her. The coach had been watching her closely, a few minutes before pulling her out she was walking along side while N swam. Both coaches were very comforting when she was upset.

It will take her a couple of weeks to bounce back, thankfully she is not nauseous anymore. She is still sort of slow, not ready to do a lot. She helped clean house yesterday, Frank has played monopoly with them a lot to distract her (I hate monopoly, my family loves it). I am sure she will be fine, it has been incredibly hard to see our baby be so sick.

I start swim team Wednesday morning at 5:30 a.m. It is 3 mornings a wk. We are also buying running shoes for the 3 of us (frank owns a pair because he runs) and we are going to slowly start training for the running part of the triathlon. I guess I better get a bike too! We have all winter to get ready, and I am excited to do our first one!

I will get pictures tomorrow, I have a long lens that I can take to swim with me. I can get some close ups that way, mostly they are just swimming laps. Working on stroke definition, flip turns and starts. They are working to compete next semester. I likely wont compete this year, I am not a strong swimmer, I just want to be. Pictures tomorrow. Not of me. I look crazy in a Speedo.

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