Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gastrointestinal virus

I do not have any pictures, well there is one on my phone but I am tired and I do not know where my phone is. Nathalie has a gastrointestinal virus, we are hoping that the rest of us do not get it.

She started out Tuesday with a cold, so did not swim that morning. By Tuesday night, she felt sick to her stomach. At around 10 p.m. Tuesday night she started throwing up,and did so about every 20-30 min all night long. I kept giving her electrolytes, neither one of us got any sleep. By early morning I knew I needed help,so Tad and I took her to the ER. I thought we should go on her last bout, but as she finished and I was helping her clean up, she was not able to get to her feet. So... I knew that despite my best efforts she was severely dehydrated.

We went to the ER and I had to carry her in, a doctor that I happen to know passed me in the lobby, turned around and walked back to me.

"What's going on mama?" He asked behind me.
"I think she is pretty dehydrated, her neck and head hurt and she has been vomiting." He didnt wait for any more, he grabbed her in his arms and walked through a door, Tad went with him. The clerk was startled and upset with the doctor, I do not know why!

When I was taken to her room, they were prepping for an IV, Nathalie was crying because she was thirsty and hurt all over. I asked for ice chips and they brought them, they wouldnt let her have a drink. They wanted no more vomiting. Tad stayed in the corner, guarding her it appeared!

I knew the doctor was worrying about spinal meningitis, though I didnt think it was that. My mom was waiting on txt for her WBCs and if I sent her the wrong number she would have insisted on a spinal tap. I learned the insisting wouldnt have been needed, they have had multiple patients recently with spinal meningitis which is a terrible illness that can kill or leave crippled.

They started an IV and gave her medicine for pain and nausea, her temp spiked to almost 104 and they gave her meds for that, they drew her blood for multiple tests. She was pleased that she had a hospital bracelet. The nurse and doctor were wonderful, there was a PA there as well who was asking questions. Frank came as quickly as he could, Tad found he was about to starve to death. Nathalie felt much better while there.

We got home and Frank picked up her scripts and some ibuprofen. She thought she was "better" but that lasted about an hr. We are keeping her on the anti-emetic(anti nausea) meds and ibuprofen/tylenol for now. Her fever went up 2 times yesterday and by 5 p.m. she wanted to just lay down and rest.

She woke up a few minutes ago, she slept almost 13.5 hrs. She is weak and a little wobbly,she has been throwing up or on clear liquids for some time now. She is eating dry cheerios now. I dont think she has ever been this sick, she went to the ER as a 3 yr old once for eating some mushrooms in dad's yard that ended up not being poisonous. She has never otherwise been in the ER.

My best friend Nikki told the rest of us to take food-grade charcoal to prevent becoming sick ourselves. It is working! None of us are sick. I am glad that she is ok, she was a very sick little girl. I am planning on her needing a few days to recuperate.

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