Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Barn siding

I do not have many pictures of us putting up the siding, it took all 4 of us, or Nathalie was sick and inside resting and it took all 3 of us. So you get finished product...sorry, I am usually good about step by step and humorous captions. Right now I am dealing with a decent sized mouse family that Kitten has moved in as pets, and we are trying to rid our house of them. Mouse potty can be really smelly and hard to clean out of rugs.
Our siding did not end up perfect front center. We could have let it be a mistake elsewhere, but here let everywhere else line up. We are doing a fake "barn" door up top anyway and the trim will cover our error. Our error was in having an 8 ft door that is 8 ft 1.5". That means that 2 pieces of siding are not perfect, and the front of the barn is about 1.5" wider than the back, because well, buildings are not always perfectly square not matter how you try. So the back, is flawless. The front, has one flaw there. Not all of our corners were flawless, but that is the point of trim. Until I remodeled, I had no idea why people wasted their time with molding and corner round. I understand now! Today we are painting the barn red, we bought a paint sprayer and red paint, we will hope and pray for sun! no rain, no gray. We have to have 24 hrs, which does happen up here but no way to know when a big rain shower is coming along,or it may rain for a wk and be sunny for 3 days. It is a crapshoot. After painting, we will measure, cut, miter and fit the trim, then paint it white and nail it up. That just leaves us with doors and windows. We will have two 4 ft sliding doors at the front, and just past the ladder here on the corner of the barn, outside the fence, a regular door. Just like a house door, window part up top. This will be my entry door and we will have a small feed stall when I walk in right there, and a small door from the feed stall into the barn. It is much easier for me to control feeding, and store food without the animals getting in it. Hay storage will be outside of my small door as well. We considered not putting in windows until next summer, but I am not sure that will work. I desperately want light in there,more than just hanging barn lights.

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