Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My camera is broken. As in it doesnt work. It is a Nikon D40 and if anyone knows what to do about an "error press shutter release" problem, please let me know. It has happened before and my user guide says "find an authorized dealer." Which I am capable of, but last time it just magically started working again.

I am using a camera that Frank didnt need anymore in Iraq and he brought it home for the children. It is a good camera and will do the job. However, my computers have a new OS and they dont work anymore (for me) to upload photos. We are working out these glitches, we as in Frank is working on it from Iraq. Thus, he has to work on it as my frustration level can allow, I tap out quickly with computers. I have to follow directions on this and that isnt easy.

So no photos, and no way to publish them easily. Its possible, just a long job that leaves me angry.

Then we have the computer I am typing on. The mouse/cursor keeps skipping back into the document that I am typing. Everyone (family members, friends and google) that its because my mouse pad is sensitive and I am touching it accidentally. People, I typed with 2 fingers randomly until it did it to prove I am not touching the mouse pad. Also, it didnt do this until very recently so why didnt this happen during the last 3 yrs if its all my fault? The driver is updated and functioning so that isnt the answer. If anyone knows how to fix this, please tell me before I run over my beloved pink laptop, on purpose, with a huge truck.

Okay, so working on the photo thing. I know my poor husband misses my blog. Last deployment, I was much better at this part. He is suffering and the problem must be fixed!

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