Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10 year old logic

"Mama, can I put my money in the bank? In a savings account?"
"Yes baby we can do that early next wk."
"Will the bank pay me to keep my money there? I am saving for a pickup truck. I want to buy an old one and fix it up." This is a good idea when you are 10 and in Ks. He knows that he can get a farm license at 14.
"They will only pay you a little."
"Pennies make dollars mama." Hmm. Too bad more adults dont think about it that way, me included. A dollar here and there, mean less than they should. I dont want to be stingy, we spend money on memories sometimes, like a pool pass or a night out. I wont change that, but I would like to think more like he does. Pennies make dollars...

We do give allowance in the amount of 3$ a week. My children work an average of 3.5 hrs a day, though many days it is more. For Tad his personal desire is to do physical labor and Nathalie likes to be with us. We allow them to spend their money but we encourage good choices and so far they always save up with a purpose. They often choose not to buy what they saved for but save longer for something different. The bulk of their money has been spent on books and learning games.

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