Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garden words

So I finally have photos! I did some work on my computer, figured out the new system. It still isnt as easy as my old system, but there are things about Windows 7 that I like better than Vista. I dont like the photo part, but there are pros and cons. I know I will get used to this system and probably dislike the next upgrade!

I posted garden photos and the compose option on my blog wasnt functioning so I wasnt able to post any words. Not that anyone comes here to read stuff, its the great pictures right? These garden pictures are from 2 different weeks, some taken yesterday/day before and some the Monday before so there has been a lot of growth. And death. A hornworm ate and ENTIRE tomato plant, and something, I think mildew, has killed off some squash and pumpkin plants. But, it could be a bore/boar beetle (Sp?). At any rate, I have sprayed the plants with some organic stuff that is supposed to dissuade pests, but it doesnt kill them. I wont use something on my garden that we shouldnt ingest.

The tomato picture that shows the green tomatoes, well those are now red! Almost ready to pick. I have had a hard time gardening in Ks until this year. Partly because I had too much on my plate, this year we lowered our goat herd numbers and chicken flock (not by choice on this last one, something in our town is eating a lot of creatures-from kittens and chickens, all the way up to full grown dogs!). Now I have time to focus on the garden, and still enjoy my livestock, keep a moderately clean house, educated children, have time to enjoy the children, sew and cook.

More pictures of Tad driving the tractor in a bit!

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