Monday, June 27, 2011


I was making breakfast this morning, with my loving son. Pancakes and bacon. This punk can put away some food! But, he is also a good and willing cook. This was our conversation.

"I love you baby."
"I love you too mama. Can I have a cup of coffee now?"
"Sure. Hey baby, lets go see a lawyer and make a pact and have him sign it with us that says you wont ever leave me. Ever."
"Mama I dont think thats a good idea. Plus I am too young that will later not hold up in court."
"You are gonna leave me? Why dont you just live next door?"
"Because I will need to go find a wife, and I want to see the pyramids. I will come home right after that. When I have seen all of Africa also."
"Thats gonna take awhile. We will have land, you can just live right there. And there will be some girl there, you know some nice girls now."
"What if things dont work out and I dont marry anyone that I know, and dont want to marry anyone close by. Its unlikely she would be like-minded anyway. I want a woman who wants lots of kids, cooks well and will homeschool. A lot of other things."
"You are really gonna leave me baby?"
"Mama can you pass me the bacon? Yes I am gonna leave you. These pancakes are good. Can I have maple syrup in my coffee?"


truefreedom123 said...

I miss you....

Jo Abair said...

I miss you also! I wish to see your garden... and I wish you were here to see that PESTS are eating mine!