Thursday, March 24, 2011

You know you are tired

When you spill fabric dye on the floor and mop it up with your clean sock rather than something you dont mind staining.

You accidently dye your new homemade long sleeve white t shirt and you dont care to rinse and try to save the sleeve.

You have worn the same jeans for a slap 2 wks and you dont really care how they smell.

As a side note, if you can use the word "slap" in the context that I just did, you have at least lived very NEAR the Appalachians.

You let your children eat peanut butter crackers for dinner, with a movie, on a school night.

You forget what packages you have mailed to your husband and frantically search for items that are half-way to New York through the US postal system.

You forget entire orders for your home business, even though you advertised the items as available the same day they were purchased.

You forget to eat. You forget lots of things like your name.

You cry over dead lettuce plants. Okay that ones normal right?

You tell your daughter not to worry about it when she tells you she is out of clean underwear.

You stop caring about the mess in the house and just make some nice paths through it by sloughing your feet as you walk back out to the barn to

-milk for the 5th time today because an udder is congested

-give peptobismal to the goat with diarhea

-bottle feed annoying baby goats

-feed and water and possibly remember to shut the chickens in because 3 have been eaten this week alone

-put medicine on the goat with staph because thats contagious right?

-sit down at the barn in the cold wind and watch someone else drop kid.

Anyway I am delirious and forgive me for my poor spelling and grammar and I have to go check the aforementioned congested udder and staph and diarhea and something else. Oh and, nevermind I forgot. I need a nap.

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