Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Goats but no pics

My camera is in the barn. Please do not steal it if you read my blog and live near me. Please if you do steal it, please close the south barn door well and pull on it, to make sure its closed because its old and there is a trick. All the current mamas and babies are locked in there at night to protect them and I dont want them to get loose during night, or anything get in there. All the same if you dont mind dont take the camera at all.

It is midnight here and I would love to give you, especially my husband, an update with photos. There are so many. I have only posted 1 kidding on here, and yet we have had 3 since then, 1 was quite difficult and rather terrible but all lived, one was rather funny and we missed it and that doe had FOUR BABIES in literally a few min from my check time to us finding her and kids. And then one today only had a little trouble, front legs were back I had to go fish. And honestly, I have heard a lot of people curse. A lot of people cry. A lot of people pray. A lot of people cry and pray. A lot of people cry and curse. But I was praying, crying and cursing. Not because her's was the worst kidding, Arizona's was yesterday but because it was a 2nd eventful kidding.

I do expect these and it isnt a big deal but I am awfully tired. Having bottle babies is a lot of work. The children are doing all but 1 feeding daily (I do an 11 pm as I am up), they even get up with the babies and I. They are doing all the cleaning from them and helping enormously with the laundry. They attend and help each kidding, and sometimes they have had to be far more mature than any parent should expect. We are all tired, trying to keep up with school and all of the barn work, chores, house cleaning. We sweep, mop, scrub every time we have a kidding and bring a baby up. We clean milk containers, jars, buckets, strainers, funnels, thermos (heat treat colostrum) pans, thermometers, bottles, nipples... We do many loads of towels and household cloth, we have even used the dryer! Quelle horreur!

We are only running a hobby farm, it isnt quite a homestead and we dont make money. We try to break even and have what we need as well but it is hard to do while still in the military. We all want the experience, and enjoy it but this will be easier when he is retired. In the meantime, we are selling some of our numbers both chickens and goats because I need more time for their school, house and my business as well. I dont let their school slip, but something ends up slipping to not let their school slip.

So tomorrow, if the camera isnt stolen, or broken by the goats sleeping in south barn with their babies, I will show you are new bucks (5 more) and does (3 more) and the first set (1 of each)... See you tomorrow after 2 hrs of chores and possibly 1 more goat to go. Then we are done. Until apr 1.

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