Monday, March 21, 2011

Hiya Hiya


These are knitting needles that I coveted for some weeks until I made enough in my business to buy them. Of course, my husband said just buy them with our paycheck. Well, I wanted to give myself some sort of... governer...on my knitting spending budget. I love yarn and needles after only a couple months of knitting. I wont have to buy hats anymore or scarves and am now making socks. These will be good presents at christmas time and we will be able to save money that way yet still, I feel like buying out the store.

I dont generally like to spend money... but look how pretty! The bags hold needles here, and in the back pocket holds little baggies with the cables. The red bag holds size 2-7 needles, and the purple holds 8-15. You can buy additional needles, there are a cpl of spaces left and you can buy additional cables.

Number 2 needles and a 16" cable. The cable ends are not interchangeable, and while you can buy extra cables online, I cannot find out which ones are large or small cable fittings. The sites dont say, they just sell Hiya Hiya cables for interchangeable needles. So the lady at my knitting store (where I bought these) is going to order them for me.

This is put together, you knit with a circular needle to knit in the round, or just to knit a blancket or a scarf. some people dont like long needles. I use double point needles for smaller round work IE end of sock or top of hat, but I dont care for any regular needles except for that. I dont even own any that are single point. Tad has 2 sets that he longer uses.

This is a clover bamboo needle, but same idea, the hat is on a circular needle. It will stay here until I get through several decrease rows, then it will be too tight to be on the circular. I will move my stitches to 3 double pointed needles, and knit off of those with a 4th double point until I get to the last 8 stitches, then it will be on 2 double points and I will use a huge embroidery needle to do a kitchener stitch.

Hat is for my mama, I made another one for her also. I wear it all the time. Its nice, being able to filch her stuff without even seeing her. or having to travel. Or anything. I have been stealing her items since, well forever, and now its even less work. I will take this even further and make some clothes for her and just keep them. Or buy a new pillow in her name, and keep it. This is a promising system!

The only thing I have to say about these needles that I dont like is the small/large cable issue, and having a hard time buying more. You should be able to find (and perhaps this is avail) "large set cables for hiya hiya interchangeable needles. That is what I want. We need more than 1 set, because 1 child could use the 10 and one the 9 if we had 2 cables, instead I had to buy an additional 7$ clover bamboo round bc I have the one on my hat, and each child is making a hat with chunky yarn.


Kenji said...

I have been trying to teach myself to knit, but my aunt told me I have the wrong needles to really enjoy it. I just picked some up one day with a book. She told me I'd be happier with shorter ones that were connected. :) Guess I'll have to try again. Love your sharing system, the hat looks good. :) Love your new needles.

Jo Abair said...

Oh check out that will show you how to knit continental method. and these needles, you can knit circular so the top of a sock, pants or hat rib or can you just not join up your 2 ends, so you are knitting a scarf, or on longer needles a blanket. I only use double points now to finish the ends, knitting in the round. I dont otherwise use any other type of needle. I dont use the needles with a ball on one end, and the double points are just what I learned to knit a square on. Now I only use these cabled needles for my main project, you can buy clover brand wooden ones on amazon, and the double points in bamboo are nice so your work doesnt slip but I like wooden or metal for circular. Call me again if you need more help or info!