Monday, March 7, 2011

A baby

I wanted to post pictures of both kids with this baby (baby L) but I dont have one with Nathalie that baby L isnt looking at me. I do not blog other people's childrens faces unless the parent ok's it. I didnt ask her parents but I think they would rather not. We babysat her saturday night, its been a long time since we just had a baby. She spent the evening entertaining us, all we did was enjoy her. She is the snuggliest baby I have met ever, in my life, and I have known a lot of babies. She plays and is happy, she doesnt cry really but every couple of minutes walks or crawls to one of us and climbs into a lap or into arms. she wants to be snuggled and loved a lot and we enjoyed it! She is breast-fed and her parents were worried, but she was so worn from entertaining us she went right to sleep at 8:30 and was still asleep with me at 2:15 am when her mother came in. We loved having her and wish we had one just like her... Tad says baby girls are his weakness, Nathalie doesnt care boy or girl just wishes we had babies of our own.

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