Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh the smell...

Its not snowing anymore, this was our last snow and if I were not so exhausted I could tell you when this last snow occured. Date wise. But, I dont actually know the date today. Or month. Okay fine its March. Right?

Today we burned 7 baby goats heads, this isnt a fun job. This was the first year that Tad has helped. He and I held the babies, and burned each of their horn buds to prevent them from growing horns. This wasnt fun.

We cleaned the garage, it had much items in it. Some of them are recycle, some goodwill, some trash. Much was used up straw (used by goats...eww), and a lot of kindling laying about. And more goodwill stuff. Also some stuff that I got rid of last night to passerbys. Okay, you know no one passes by my home. If you come down my drive you either live here, are visiting, are lost or have criminal intent. But these people came on purpose to pick up some items that I no longer wanted on our premises.

We took down all items on places that could be stacked or cluttered in the main part of the house and threw away, recycled, burned or put in goodwill pile. We are decluttering our home and yard because it is decluttering my mind. And my mind is slightly cluttered.

So thats all for now. We did a heap of other things. Baked bread. Cared for the goats and chickens. Gathered eggs. Did laundry. Other things. Thats it I am all done being here for now.

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