Sunday, December 19, 2010

Teenager and Nathalie

I know I cannot say, this is my teenager. But we are fond of this punk, she is a hardworker and great with kids. She is smart, has great morals, cares about her own future. Basically the 16 yr old girl any family would be proud to have. She is funny and kind, caring and friendly. Absolutely WONDERFUL with children. I cropped this photo and lowered the saturation, brightened it and and very slightly adjusted the exposure. I didnt do much other than take its color, the other edits were very slight. Tad took this picture, she is reading to a visiting baby. Alex is usually the one with the camera so I am glad Tad got a few good ones, the rest have the visiting kids IN the photos and I dont post the friend's children per request. When I take pictures of Alex, she is silly... but she didnt know Tad was taking her picture here!

Now this picture, I took. Of Nathalie and the visiting baby. She was teaching him to play uno. I made 2 extra copies of the same photo, 1 I kept the same with both of them, and the other 2 are of Nathalie (here) and the baby. Her snow pants and striped shirt do not match, but I love her laugh. She was tickled by something another child did at her side and broke out laughing and I snapped. The baby is looking right at me laughing, and its a great photo of him as well. Once again, this photo is edited. Alex taught me how to edit without destroying the integrity of the photo, you can be decent at photography and great at editing, or you can be a good photographer and use editing as an aid. The 2nd is the way to go obviously because I would rather be naturally good at it, or learn to be, than use just an editing program. However, I dont understand lighting and aperature well yet so some exposure editing is nice.

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