Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blog day

Its just blog day I guess... I seem to have a lot of photos to post. Not a lot of info though. Alex and I have been trying to figure out, with a free editing program that came with the computer, how to make a photo black and white and leave the eye color. We just about have it. I did this with color adjustments, his lips still have color but mostly its black and white with just those ocean blue eyes. His eyes are quite nice! Admittedly if this was a picture of me, I wouldn't love it so much and he is correct, he looks like me. Still, those eyes!

Today is a lonely sort of day. Its warm out so the children have played outside, but we had a friends 5 children yesterday morning thru late this morning, as well as Alex since Thursday night so it feels a little lonely and quiet. We are missing Frank, Nathalie has watered about the eyes twice today wanting daddy and Tad has quietly visited the shop for no good reason 3 times. I have looked at old photos, and blog posts that have him in them.

I have plenty of sewing to do but my machines are a little broken and need servicing. I guess that's my job this evening. Chores are done and Tad made supper so I don't have an excuse to not sew!

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