Friday, December 3, 2010

Ally again

Alex went walking... and she came home with a camera card full! She chooses new routes each time, though often the pictures include rr tracks because those are everywhere you go.

The sky was gray and blue yesterday and the contrast is lovely with the bare trees as the focus.

Once again, a lovely sky. Normally I find telephone and electric poles and wires rather ruin landscape photos. I wish for a moment they could disappear, or be photoshopped out. Railroad tracks, however, I find add to the quality of photos. This picture is nice though with the shadows across the dirt road.

This last one is my favorite of the day. I have a huge folder full of more alex pictures and will continue posting them. She is going home tomorrow morning, we have had her most of the last 2 wks to help us around our little farm. She will come back 1 time a wk to help me with large things for the next few wks until my ankle heals.

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