Sunday, December 12, 2010

My baby is 10

My baby is 10. Double digits. He is grown. My job here is done. I am going to cry for the rest of my life and also forever. Wait, then I would miss the next however many years that he may be willing to put up with me! Here he is with some of his presents, from us a 20 gauge shotgun and from Nana (my mama), a ghillie suit. Yes he asked for this and she is just that type of a nana. His birthday was the 5th but the suit came late, so I waited to post.

Now these pictures... he will deny in years to come that these were him. He had his sister tattoo his stomach, "You are as boring as this box." Also the large T, um because he is Tad? Guessing here. And the pose, I am unsure of that too.

I think its a superhero stance of some sort but who knows. I mean I got confused on the roles yellow sun and kryptonite play for superman and I am wearing a superman t shirt, on purpose. Because I like superman. But... I digress. This is my 10 yr old posing as someone wearing worn out dress up pants from some halloween costume, with one of his best friends standing behind him. See her little arm? This is a local 4 yr old homeschool girl, she and Tad and her 2 yr old brother get along very well. Her mom prefers them not to be blogged, so the punk obliged when I said, "Hide behind the superhero for me punk."
Same day, in the rest of the costume. He is planning to roast these animals here for the fun of the little visitors. A snake, lizard and a frog. Visiting 2 yr old found it hugely hilarious and pretended to eat the frog afterwards, even making loud help dont eat me noises from the frog. This was a birthday celebration day with friends, their older boy turned 6 the day after Tad turned 10.
So happy birthday, my wonderful boy. My favorite boy in the world, I have watched him turn into a little man from a tiny boy, from a tiny perfect little ball of wonder. I have so many wonderful memories, and it seems like it was yesterday that they all happened. He is too big too fast, too smart. Not just at school, he is wise, he is an old soul. I love him, I love him more than I ever thought I could love one small boy.

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