Sunday, December 26, 2010


I was looking for some good pictures I took of the truck a few months ago, we are listing it for sale for a variety of reasons, and I came across these. I miss our old cat! He was a sweet kitty and we loved him, he was killed by something on our property and we were quite sad. He was Frank's kitty, he loved Frank from the moment he met him at my moms, she found him under a bush as a baby. Frank enjoyed him too, Half-Cat liked to wrestle but didn't put his claws out, he was just a fun kitty. His favorite perch was on Frank's chest at night.

Frank is looking at him sideways, its such a cute picture. Half-Cat was sleepy a lot of the time, and when he was awake his eyes were often halfway asleep anyways. I miss Frank too. I miss him a lot around the holidays, though we have had a very good holiday. We had him on Skype yesterday morning for gift opening, which is what the children and I had prayed for so we thanked God yesterday for such a blessing.

Then I found this picture, wow my son had a real haircut! The punk on his lap is a friend's baby, one of those whose face we don't blog but he enjoys Tad. Tad enjoys him as well, they were playing on the computer. This picture is nearly 1 yr old, how fast time goes! Tad is 10 now and this baby talks, big sentences and words. He still says Tad a lot, and he has done that for a long time. I love that my baby is growing up so big and strong, but I love that I have the memories and pictures to look back on.

I will post our present opening later, the camera is being used by my children right now so I don't have the card. It was a wonderful, relaxed Christmas with great presents, a fun morning using them and an afternoon spent with some local friends for dinner. All in all, a good Christmas. Having Skype is nice, deployments are easier with ways to contact.

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